How to Create an Awesome Interactive Experience Online

How to Create an Awesome Interactive Experience Online

In today’s day and age, most aspects of running a business are performed online. From dealing directly with customers on social media to putting together a website where clients can get better informed on services offered, the Internet ultimately holds the key to a company’s success. That’s why it’s so crucial that businesses create awesome interactive experiences for their customers online.

It’s simple to do this too. One way to make clients have a more interactive experience online is by inserting forums into your company’s website. By doing this, you allow your customers to further discuss the products or items that you offer. Besides this, it also gives your clients a chance to interact with one another, while comparing notes on what they recommend purchasing or looking further into.

Similar to creating a forum on your website, you can also promote interactivity by giving your users the option of commenting on content posted. When you do this, you are now giving those people supporting your venture the opportunity to voice their options directly to you. This will not only make them feel like they are having a real say in what’s going on, but also allow you to get immediate feedback on what you’re doing right and in some cases, wrong.

Then, there is the option of putting in a live chat with staff feature. With this included on your website, your users will have the chance to talk directly with a representative from your company. In other words, now customers can ask questions or just discuss any comments or concerns they may have. This leaves customers with immediate satisfaction, as they feel their thoughts are being placed in the hands of people who can take what they’re saying and make a difference with it. In fact, a lot of times these live chat features apply popular instant messaging programs that many customers already know how to work, making this process a whole lot easier for everyone involved.

Like with the live chat with staff feature, you can also put together a live chat with other users solution. This way users can talk with one another about what’s being offered, providing vital information with each other along the way. However, since some users may be more outspoken than others, this feature will require you to moderate what’s going on at all times. For instance, if a customer uses colorful language or says something completely inappropriate, you’ll have to take down their chat message immediately. This engaging addition is worth the extra work, though, since it allows your company to build a sense of community among the users.

Another action you can take to make your website more interactive is hosting different podcasts monthly, weekly or even daily. Podcasts give you the opportunity to talk directly with your customers and further discuss your products and services. However, it also lets your clients have the chance to call in and ask any questions they may have. This lets those people supporting you better understand who you are as a company and what you can offer them in the long run that other businesses can’t.

Whether you’re a company that hands out free kitchen design software (check out Digital Decorator for an example of someone who has done this elegantly) or you’re a business that offers your customers the chance to design a home online, interactivity will make a huge difference in your success rate. That’s because this allows customers to feel more involved and invested, leading to a long history of business transactions down the road.

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