Creating Online Business Profiles

Creating Online Business Profiles

Business profiles are all about identity but in this case, it is the digital identity since it is online. Business profiles define what potential employers are going to have as their first impression of you. Getting this information right strongly impacts the likeliness of winning a job or completing a sale as compared to someone who appears as a ‘joker’ in the eyes of the employer. Depending on your achievements, the client should view all the aspects indicating you are the right organization for the job.

You may have two business profiles so that each has achievements that are related to its own specific job-line. The other profile could have the achievements for another job-line. This helps in separating your various capabilities and not to appear as a jack-of-all-trades in the eyes of the potential employer or client.

Factors to consider when creating a business profile:

Several factors have to be considered in creating that professional look online.

  • First and foremost, your name describes you. This goes hand in hand with the job you are applying for. You should aim to provide a title that is hand in hand with the job or at a lower level.
  • Only present truthful information on your business profile. Clients are known to often take random sections of information, or claims of your achievements and countercheck them. Having wrong information or unverifiable information on your business profile may not help you in such a case.
  • You should also include a referee or two who are well aware of your achievements and your technical experience. It is good to have such referees coming from your field of operations or expertise. It defeats the purpose if you are in the construction business nad you have a referee in the medical field.
  • A client has to have a means of direct contact. It is therefore wise to add your phone number in the profile. Clients may want to talk directly to those applying for a job so as to determine who is available. Social media can also be incorporated. Not all social media sites are advisable. Limit yourself to the professional oriented sites such as LinkedIn. This helps identify how well connected you are. It also helps the client to contact you in a more private manner unlike the ‘noisy’ social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Pages like Facebook and Twitter are not advisable to be included since they don’t reflect much on your professional life. However, customers may want to snoop around on your business life as it defines character. Facebook is one of the most common social site used and with its service of timeline, a potential employer can have a look at your postings and picture updates from as early as when you started using the social site. You may have to restrict access to content or even better. Ensure that postings that are not relevant to your business are deleted. A bad impression can be made by such postings and cost you a potential client.

Finally, you should get people to access your online business profile as it increases the chance of a potential client accessing your work. Get a digital signature and link it with your postings on social media sites for people going through your postings to have access on reading your profile.

What you see is what you get. This is one the most outstanding thing that will be reflected from your online profile. Profile pictures should be captured right in sober mood and in the right attire. Avatars should strictly be a disregarded too as they tend to reflect you’re hiding something. You can also include a few professional photos of yourself or the business premises. Have a photographer take the photos and avoid making edits to the photos.

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