Why Cabs Are Slowly Replacing Auto Rickshaws in India?

In the last few years, large cab companies have popped up across the country. Meeru and Dot cabs were some of the first few to be launched on a large scale. Back then, the cab service was too costly and only a handful of people were using it. But now, with cab companies like Uber and Ola, there’s a slight chance that cab companies will slowly erase the Auto Rickshaw concept from India. Here why.


Price of auto rickshaws over cabs

One thing stopping people from using cabs so easily was the obscene rates they charged passengers. But today that has changed. With the coming of new cab companies, some cabs have even become cheaper than autos! Now tell me why in the world would you travel in an auto when you can have a comfortable ride at such a cheap price.


Comfort in a cab

Cabs have air conditioning, proper seats, speed and a smooth ride. Ever since cab companies are offering such low rates, it became hard to justify why one should travel in an auto. When you can have such a smooth and comfortable ride at such low rates, cabs are the perfect mode of transport for anybody. This difference has already effected auto rickshaw drivers negatively as their previous customers are slowly shifting to cabs.

Free ride concept

Free ride concept
Cab companies have a unique ability of offering free rides for their customers. Ola cabs coupons and Uber promo code have become a rage in urban cities. People use these and ride around at discounted rates. Sometimes these coupon codes even give free rides which is really making people to prefer using cabs. Discounts and free rides are not something auto rickshaws can offer. This way cabs have an upper hand.


Convenience while driving

Using cabs is always more convenient than autos. You can book a ride in advance and expect it to come on time. Cabs are also available in abundance today. So you can even book a cab on the spot and track it over their app. Another unique feature is how drivers are equipped with GPS devices. That way, even if you don’t know the way, the driver can find it over the GPS and take you to your destination.

So it is quite clear, cabs are a much better option than auto rickshaws. The only thing holding them back is the awareness of their service. The more people realize the advantages, the less they will use autos.

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