How Secure Is Your Document Sharing Provider

Companies and Enterprises are constantly on the look-out for a reliable and enhanced way of sharing files among their employees without leaking vital information. This is where file-sharing services such as Dropbox and SugarSync come into play. Box, Google Drive and other cloud hosting providers offer users the ability to sync files and folders, make them accessible everywhere and emphasize on security thus a lot of businesses seek their well-regarded services.

The past few weeks have been overwhelming for the providers with the trending news of Dropbox going through so far another security breach. This begs the question, how secure is your document sharing provider? Dropbox being one of the most reliable cloud service providers had recently reset most of its client’s passwords owing to a data breach that had occurred in 2012. Nevertheless, even with all these steps of ensuring user security they were hacked and data stolen from its users.

Owing to this, cloud service providers have put in place new safety measures to try and curb the threat. Some of these include the two-step verification whereby the user is required to enter a password and verification code sent to them via mobile phone. Another security step that has been put in place is advising the users to unlink any older devices that are no longer in use. These may be smartphones, tablets or even unused computers that were once attached to their Dropbox accounts. Another safety measures the providers have put in place, although it has been part of the package in their services, is file encryption and monitoring web sessions. By tracking and keeping a record of web browsers that have logged into a user’s account, the client can monitor illegal activity in their account and report quickly.

But is this enough? Are your business and company files safe or are they vulnerable and at the mercy of your competitors? With the millions of passwords and personal data lost at the Dropbox security breach, a lot of uncertainty and questions have been raised on how secure is your document sharing provider?


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